Eye-Line Grille for cricket helmets

Improved safety with no compromise on vision

The International Cricket Council (ICC) identified that safety for cricket players needed to be improved. To address this, Masuri developed the new Vision Series range which includes a new, reinforced double bar grille.

The revolutionary Eye-Line Grille

Masuri Vision Series Elite

Our patented ‘Eye-Line Grille’ has been designed with an additional top bar which sits on the player’s eye-line providing an optimum field of vision. The double bar deflects the ball away from the player’s face by forcing it upwards, towards the helmet’s peak.

The Eye-Line Grille is just one of the many superior features within the Vision Series range which not only adhere to current safety standards, but set new standards in cricket helmet design and manufacturing.

The grille is available in high grade stainless steel or titanium, which provides a lighter option for cricketers.     


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