TOP cricket helmet maker Masuri today joined the safety debate after England’s Stuart Broad suffered a broken nose when a ball hit him after getting through the gap between his face grille and helmet peak.

Seven current England players – Robson, Bell, Root, Buttler, Jordan, Stokes, Anderson - choose to wear Masuri’s new Vision Series helmet, which has been designed and developed to meet revised ICC safety standards.

Masuri Managing Director Sam Miller said: “The ICC created a new safety standard, published in December 2013, concentrating on helmet improvements aimed at reducing the injury suffered by Stuart Broad.

“It is important to understand that the old 1998 safety standard does not require helmets to protect players from that type of injury.

“Masuri has invested heavily in developing and producing the UK-made Vision Series range of helmets so they achieve the ICC’s new standard.

“We had the Vision Series range rigorously tested by the experts at Loughborough University – the same institution chosen by the ICC to help and advise on the key elements of the new safety standard.

“That is why seven of the England Test team at Old Trafford chose to wear Masuri. They feel our Vision Series offers the best protection. It is a great endorsement for our helmet.

“Masuri does not sponsor specific players. We believe that when it comes to something as important as head protection, players should be free to choose the best helmet.

“Accredited Test Houses are just coming online now to test helmets to the new standard. Masuri’s Vision Series was ready before the Test Houses – so we’re ahead of the curve! And you can see that most of the England team have already made up their minds.

“Everyone at Masuri wishes Stuart Broad a speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing him back in action for England soon.”

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