Masuri have just launched the brand new StemGuard. This is a clip-on application, which provides additional protection from fast bowling for a batsman’s vulnerable neck.

Following the death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes, Masuri invested over 240 hours of research and development time into the design of the StemGuard which has been tested at the Progressive Sports Technologies laboratory in Loughborough University.

The StemGuard attaches to existing Masuri Vision Series helmets with moulded clips, giving batsman free movement, while offering new protection to the region where Phillip Hughes was hit. Masuri extensively studied all information available in order to develop this solution.

Masuri have worked closely with cricket’s international governing bodies in the development of the StemGuard and worked alongside top designer Alan Meeks [Visitech] to take this from concept to patent pending within three months and the testing has been very promising to this point.

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StemGuard Small Image StemGuard Small Image StemGuard Small Image

Masuri have a patent pending for the StemGuard