Rohit Sharma Goes on to Score Over 100 After Being Caught Out on 90

This world cup we have seen many difficult and match deciding decisions. However, none of those were as important than the call by Aleem Dar in this morning’s quarter final between India and Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi team celebrations were cut far too shortly when Rohit Sharma looped the ball straight down a Bangladeshi fielder in the deep. As the ball was called no-ball by Aleem Bar for being too high. This left players, fans, supporters and neutrals all surprised at the decision.

Nevertheless, many people believed that this decision did not affect the game.

"I don't think the decision changed the game." Said Brian Lara, the ex West Indies legend. Who also went on to say, "Rohit was batting beautifully and India would have got to three hundred anyway."

Unsurprisingly, Bangladesh were kicked out of the competition, as they went on to lose the game by 109 runs. Leaving Indian fans happy but Bangladeshi fans feeling cheated.  

Article written by Harry Green. Image credit to ICC.